MWT002: Perila, ‘Dust 22’

MWT002: Perila, ‘Dust 22’

MWT002: Perila, ‘Dust 22’
Release Date: December 20, 2019
Formats: Cassette / Digital
Artwork by: Sasha Zakharenko and Jesse Sappell

A1. Ripple22 (21:05)
B1. Transient (5:58)
B2. Distant (6:38)
B3. Perpetual (5:32)

Perila is the project of artist, DJ, and co-founder Sasha Zakharenko. Over the last few years she’s been exploring themes of intimacy and the more elusive layers of reality through mixes and recently her own music; turning to sound as a means of getting in touch with and transmitting life shifts. I’m honored to share her evocative debut EP for Motion Ward, ‘Dust 22’. The cassette features a 21 minute live take alongside three songs that occupy a similar state of feeling. 


One day you feel
Then this pressure 
dissolves and becomes 
Intimate layers of what is 
real and not resurface. 
Dust dissolves in silence 
emptying spaces for 
Sounds ripple and float
shaping forms which 
disappear after hearing them
as if they were never there. 
You were never here. 
Slow drifts on a surface
of ephemeral reality. 
Life is dust cruising 
quietly in the mind of an observer.