MW001: Brown Irvin, ‘Tone/Bay Fog’

MW001: Brown Irvin, ‘Tone/Bay Fog’

MW001: Brown Irvin, ‘Tone/Bay Fog’

Release Date: 10.27.15
Format: Cassette/Digital
Run Time: 00:18:00
Artwork & Layout: Nathaniel Young & Jesse Sappell

A1. Tone (8:40)
B1. Bay Fog (9:19)

Inaugurating the launch of the new LA-based record label Motion Ward comes Brown Irvin. The LA native also is known as the influential and formidable producer AshTreJinkins.

The two tracks that form MW001 venture through warm, moody and dense atmospheres. Irvin’s slow- burning productions blur the boundaries between dub techno, house and ambient constructions, utilizing their often minimal and rigid characteristics in a way that keeps the pieces focused yet malleable and unassuming.

Side A begins on a relaxed note with the texturally satisfying and meditative groove of Tone. In contrast, Side B presents the live “jam,” Bay Fog. Here, Irvin continues what he began with side A. Though, he alternatively delivers a much more detached and driving motion full of tape-saturated percussion and growling dynamic melodies, all propelling the track towards an emotion that can only be described as strangely comforting.