MW002: Social Service, 'SS1'

MW002: Social Service, 'SS1'

Release Date: April 2016
Formats: 12" / Digital
Distributed by: Lobster Distribuion
Artwork: Ingo Giezendanner (
Layout: Nathaniel Young & Jesse Sappell

A1. Chamber (9:34)
A2. Starlight (7:36)
A3. Late Feeling (7:36)
B1. Stolen (6:25)
B2. Hex (4:33)

Motion Ward is pleased to present the debut of LA based artist, Social Service. The sturdy yet dreamlike 5 track excursion, SS1, is a pensive debut that navigates many of the intricate fibers that form the foundation of dance oriented music. From the warm and gently dubbed out melodies of Chamber to the lively, dance-floor-ready constructions of Stolen. SS1 stands as a quality entry point for Social Service-- a narrative that’s equally diverse as it is cohesive.