Vol. 2

Up next for our Motion-Cast series is Force Placement. The LA based DJ / producer is a resident at one of LA's finest new intimate gatherings for the more esoteric side of dance music and beyond, The Black Lodge, which is coming up on its 1 Year Anniversary where they'll be hosting Claude Young. Outside of delivering consistently excellent sets at The Black Lodge, he hosts a weekly radio show every Tuesday on RWD.FM, Force Placement Radio. On the production front, he's released one EP on local imprint LA 909, and his first 12" is coming out sometime before the end of 2016, as well as another EP on LA 909. If you've never heard the man do his thing, theres no better time than now.

Ursula Rucker - Circe (Rob Yancey Vocal Mix)
Rene Audiard - Violence
Point G & The Martinez Brothers - What's the Point?
Karina - Bubble Groove
Walrus - Spear-thrower Bucket
Steve O'Sullivan – Street Sadness
Mad Rey - Impuissance (Dub Mix) 
Isorinne - Blurred Perceptions of Substance
Sam KDC - Untitled 5
Desert Sky - Untitled
$$$TAG$$$ - The Soft Centre of the Void
Force Placement - In the Midst
Q3A - Untitled
DUST - Wasteland
The Persuader - Blaklocka
Social Service - Starlight